Earn as Builder

Start Building

Get paid to help our community grow


Create Content

Create content and get paid and experience by populating the community


Promote Community

Promote the community and earn money, find teammates and level up


Find opportunities

Find affiliate offers that our community can participate and earn comission


Publish offers

Find tasks community can do and earn refferal comissions or get paid directly



Find projects or people who need traffic, create a quest on the platform, earn referral commissions, or get paid directly


Create a step by step
guide on how to earn online, the more detailed it is, the more money and reputation you can earn

success story

Find the story or video about making money online and publish it in a special section. The story must be true.



Find cryptocurrency projects that pay users to learn, usually users get rewarded with tokens or NFTs


Find game projects that have a tokenized economy and reward users through different game mechanics


Find project that pay users rewards for participation: registration, voting, testing, selling, and so on

New Projects

Find projects that give rewards to early users: Games, NFT, DeFi, Exchanges and much more


Find DAO in which our community can participate, examples: gaming, investments, services and many others DAO’s 


New blockchains usually reward users for activity with tokens or other benefits, early projects are the most interesting

Find & Publish Affiliate offers

Post an offer

Find offers from direct advertisers or look for a top affiliate programs and publish them in community


A page where a builder who posted an offer can manage them: add, delete, copy, etc.


A page where the community can see all offers that are currently available

Add unique products

Earning Tools

Find and publish tools for earning: nodes and miners, programs, trading bots and much more

Ads Accounts

Find and publish special accounts to launch advertising campaigns 


Find and add trusted services such as exchanges, explorers, trading platforms, and more

affiliate program

You can generate referral links inside your profile and receive up to 50% community income generated by your referrals

Link Building

Add links about our project to sites with a high domain ranking (forums, social networks, etc.) and get paid


Tell about our project or place a link in your local communities: chats, forums, sites and get paid for every user

Help Others

Create a team

You can create a team or join an existing one to share competencies and increase your income. Together it’s easier to achieve results.

Help newbies

Many beginners create Follow Alongs campaigns that start from scratch, be helpful to everyone, and you will be rewarded.

Be active

General activity affects your reputation, reputation affects the projects you get access to, the higher the reputation, the higher the income. 

Quest Completed

Welcome to the

To get started, please take some time to complete Welcome Quests.

Have a nice journey!