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Credits – the internal currency of our platform. 10 credits is always equal to 1 dollar (10 Credits = $1).

You can always see the number of your Сredits in your Wallet and automatically exchange them for a dollar and withdraw them to any wallet you want.

1. Credits are paid for completing quests

2. Can be used to create and pay for tasks, as well as to pay for goods and services on the community marketplace.

1. You gain Credits for completing Money quests.

2. You can sell services & goods in community marketplace

3. Your reputation increases if your posts get a positive reaction.

1. Go to your Wallet

2. Exchange Credits for USD (or USDT)

3. Withdraw to your personal wallet (PayPal or Crypto) 

Quest Completed

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To get started, please take some time to complete Welcome Quests.

Have a nice journey!