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  • How to Earn Money in Web3?🔗

    Posted by Zer0 H1ro on October 19, 2023 at 12:06 pm

    ❗️This guide is updated in real-time. Please note that this is not the final version.

    Exploring Web3: A New Frontier

    Web3 is like the internet, you know—but turbocharged! It's a world where you don't just use platforms; you OWN parts of them. It's all about decentralization; everyone can contribute and earn.

    Important notice❗️Be very careful. Web3 and, mostly, crypto are dangerous places where everybody wants to put YOUR money in THEIR pocket. If you want to invest in something or participate in money activities not recommended by our platform, please ask the community first. You can use Discord (free) or ask questions directly in forums (access requires a key).

    1. Making Money Online with DeFi 📊

    Trading 🔄

    • Do It Manually: Buy cheap, sell for more! Use websites like Uniswap or SushiSwap to trade. You can find more decentralised exchanges here.
    • Use Bots & Services: Let robots do the hard work! They can trade for you, but be careful – if they're not set up right, you might lose money.

    Staking 🔒💰

    • Method where you lock or commit crypto assets to a specific service, contract, or protocol in exchange for rewards, typically in the form of additional cryptocurrency.

    ❗️Caution. Staking in DeFi can come with risks, such as smart contract vulnerabilities, and requires due diligence on the user's part to understand the terms, potential returns, and security measures of the protocol they choose to engage with.

    Lending Your Coins 💸➡️🤝

    • Put your coins into a big pool of money on sites like Uniswap. When people use that pool for trading, you get a cut of the fees!
    • Farming for More: Move your money to different projects that promise big returns. Be careful, though; big promises always mean big risks!

    2. Selling Digital Art and Collectibles 🖼️

    Making Money from NFTs 🖼️↔️🔍💭

    • Find digital art selling for less than it's worth, then sell it for a profit. Use websites like OpenSea or Rarible to buy and sell.
    • It is important to pay attention to many factors of the project, such as the “hype” around it, the number of image holders and other analytics options.

    3. Get Paid to Play Games 🎮

    • Participate in the in-game economy, earn money from gaming activities, etc. Find the best Play-to-Earn games here.

    4. Airdrops/Retrodrops & Testnets 💸

    • Free Coins: Sometimes, new projects give away coins for free. Stay in the loop – you never know when it might rain free money!
    • Help with Testing: Try out new projects and get paid for it! Feel yourself like an explorer, finding new worlds and getting treasure.

    5. DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations): Collective Power, Distributed Governance

    • DAOs are internet-native organizations collectively governed by their members, not centralized authorities, enabling transparent decision-making and direct financial engagement. Vote, share your ideas, or do tasks to earn more coins or a share of the profits. Your opinion matters!

    Ready, Set, Go! 🚀

    Now you know the many ways to make money in Web3. Remember, stay smart, be careful, and always be ready to learn. You can always find help in our chat if you have any questions.

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