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  • Types of Conversions in Affiliate Marketing

    Posted by 0xMira on January 2, 2024 at 8:53 pm

    Understanding the various types of conversions is crucial for success in affiliate marketing. Each type offers different benefits and suits different campaign objectives. Let's explore these diverse conversion types:

    🛍️ PPS (Pay Per Sale)

    • What It Is: You earn a portion of the profit when a user makes a purchase, subscribes, or pays for a service.
    • Benefit: Directly tied to sales, offering potentially high rewards.

    💹 RevShare (Revenue Share)

    • What It Is: You receive a percentage of the total money spent by the user over time.
    • Benefit: Long-term income potential as you benefit from ongoing user spending.

    📧 SOI (Single Opt-In)

    • What It Is: The user performs a simple action, such as providing contact information (e.g., email).
    • Benefit: Lower barrier for conversion, ideal for building leads and databases.

    DOI (Double Opt-In)

    • What It Is: The user not only performs an action but also confirms it, like clicking a link sent to their email.
    • Benefit: Ensures higher quality leads with confirmed interest.

    💳 CC Submit (Credit Card Submit)

    • What It Is: Conversion occurs when the user enters their credit card details and makes a purchase or subscribes to services.
    • Benefit: Directly linked to financial transactions, indicating high user commitment.

    🖱️ 1 Click-Flow

    • What It Is: Conversion requires just one click from the user, such as confirming an action like "Play video".
    • Benefit: Extremely easy for users, leading to higher conversion rates for straightforward actions.

    🖱️🖱️ 2 Click-Flow

    • What It Is: Conversion requires two actions from the user, like confirming an action and agreeing to terms.
    • Benefit: Balances ease of conversion with a slight increase in user engagement and commitment.

    This guide provides an overview of the key conversion types in affiliate marketing. By understanding these, you can tailor your strategies to the specific needs and behaviors of your target audience, optimizing your campaigns for maximum effectiveness and profitability.

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